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~ Biography ~

momdadboys The Chrisagis Brothers, Brian & Shawn, are identical twins who were never to be born. The doctors told their mother to abort the twins due to the fact that she was dying herself with a heart condition and needed a heart transplant. She had one son and wanted two more... God gave her the desires of her heart and she refused to abort the twins. They were born three months premature. They ended up in incubators for two entire years. They found that Brian & Shawn were both dying with life threatening allergies. Their tests were flown all over the world with no cures. The brothers were allergic to the sun, grass, clothes and all types of food. They could only eat sardines, peanut butter, rice cakes and soybean milk. They were brought home to die and their parents had to seal in the windows of their home and create a bubble type atmosphere. They lived five more years in the house never seeing sunlight. Over the years Margie's heart got even worse and she was in a wheelchair on oxygen. By the prompting of her chiropractor who was a Born Again Christian she went to a Full Gospel Business Men's Meeting with her husband John. They went believing for a miracle for their twins who were ready to die. That night Margie went down to stand in proxy for her sons and she received her miracle and then they taught her how to break the blood line curses off her two little boys. She went home and prayed with the family over Brian & Shawn and they received their miracle.
Since then the brothers are known for their wholesome family entertainment and fun. Nationally they are loved for their inspiring life store about God's Miracle Healing Power and their popular Christian music with 6 successful CD's to their credit. Their CD, Playing with Life & Death was so successful that they were the first Christian artists to be on MTV with their music. In the year of 2016, the Chrisagis Brothers won "Best Christian Duo" in the Extraordinary People Awards. This is not the first time the brothers have been acknowledged for their powerful music, they have been nominated for every CD they have done since 2010. Throughout those years they were up for 11 awards by the AMG Heritage Awards including Best Duo,Song Of The Year, Best Male Vocalist, Best Group and Best CD for Ransom, Conversations With God, and their latest CD "I Believe In Christmas". They had a Pre-Grammy Nomination for their CD Ransom. The brothers say that Ransom is one of their greatest musical offerings because each song is a powerhouse for the Kingdom of God. Their CD Conversations With God helps bring the listener into Throne Room worship that changes lives and sets captives free. Their 2015 Christmas CD is already considered a classic with beautiful, new songs written by some of the best, award winning songwriters in the industry. The Chrisagis Brothers are ordained ministers and have devoted their lives to serving the Lord in full time ministry.

The Chrisagis Brothers have done a lot in their ministry through the years including a Children's TV series, many TV variety shows, a children's plush toy line called 'Good News Toys' and books that teach character building skills to children. They designed a children's playground which is now at the Ohio Valley Mall. The twins have been on every Christian TV Network, Christian Talk Shows, Christian Radio Shows and in many Christian Magazines, appeared on 'Candid Camera', MTV, seen in 'Star Magazine', 'Soap Opera Digest', 'The Enquirer' and 'Most Eligible' all for their Christian Music Ministry which has touched lives world-wide. The Chrisagis Brothers have worked with and been seen with some big named stars like Jaclyn Smith, Lindsay Wagner, Erik Estrada, Jennifer O'Neill, Jack Scalia, Suzanne Somers, etc. The Chrisagis Brothers have performed on stage with many of Christian Music's Top Artists including Russ Taff, Phil Keaggy, Dino Kartsonakis, Michael English, Evie Tornquist, Scott Wesley Brown, David Meece, Kathy Trocolli, Chuck Girard, John Schlitt, Leon Patillo, Bruce Carroll, Steve Camp, Dave Boyer, Farrell & Farrell, Steve Archer, Stephanie Boosahda and Angela Primm.

In 2014, Brian and Shawn did a TV reality Pilot for the A&E Network called "Saved By The Brothers". The show was never picked up but it has established them to new audiences and they are now working with the Learning Channel on a new TV reality show. The Brothers have created The Legends Concert that is a yearly event with the Pioneers in Christian Music. They have also created Men's Conferences, Women's Conferences, they have written books, plus a Christian movie script, and now they have their own weekly radio show called "It's A God Thing" that airs Sundays on WTYMradio.com. The podcast is also available on the Chrisagis Brothers Youtube Channel. Some of their guests have included: Cheryl Ladd, Jack Scalia, Loni Anderson, Joe Penny, Erik Estrada, Kevin Sorbo, Lindsay Wagner, Jennifer O'Neill, Corbin Bernsen, Alana Stewart (Farrah Fawcett Foundation), Pat Boone, Clifton Davis and a ton of other celebs. They do all of this while keeping up with their busy tour schedule that has them booked through-out every state in the U.S.. As you can see, The Chrisagis Brothers are a strong end time ministry that is here to stay.
Chrisagis Brothers & Jaclyn Smith
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